Welcome to Aromata by Royal Green!

We’re here because essential oils changed our lives and we want to share that with you.

It all started a few years ago. Our kids were always sick, every winter, for at least six to eight weeks. I went back and forth to the doctor. Fever, sinus congestion, cough – you name it, they had it. And I was frustrated! Then, a friend suggested essential oils. She told me they were all natural, safe and they worked. So I tried. And a whole new world opened up. I found a natural way to help my kids — and my husband and myself too. No more doctor!

And my kids love them. So do I. The kids ask for a foot rub before bed or school with their favorite oils, and I use my favorites throughout the day – not just for the healing, medicinal qualities but as natural cleansers, cosmetics, moisturizers, fragrance and much, much more.

And my husband uses our special softening, styling, beard-oil blend — Geared Beard – which makes me extra happy! So, you see, essential oils are now a way of life for the whole family. And I’m bringing that to you — the best, highest-quality, all-natural products from around the world, right here in our Royal Green store. Enjoy!

Sheila M.

Aromata by Royal Green